A Review of Baby Luc’s, The New Slice Shop From Lucali!

Baby Luc'sBack in early June, I wrote how Lucali, one of the top-rated pizzeria’s in the country was opening a slice shop called Baby Luc’s.

After a bit of a delay, the shop opened a couple of weeks back. I stopped by the day after opening only to be told they wouldn’t be open until the evening!two boys sitting at a tableDetermined to give Baby Luc’s a try, we returned on the third day the shop was open. We showed up around 40 minutes early (we were fourth on line) after hearing about block-long lines.a man taking a picture of a menuWhile Baby Luc’s is a slice shop, the pizza offered is quite different than what is served at big brother Lucali. Lucali serves round pies, Baby Luc’s offers thin squares ranging in price from $3.50-$4.

Four types of pies are currently offered, Margarita, Pepperoni, Sausage and Peppers & Rocitta and Broccoli Rabe. We ordered one slice of the first three.a group of people outside a storeAfter we ordered, we checked on the growing line outside. No, I could not see the end. It definitely pays to arrive early…a man sitting at a table with foodExcited to dig in!two plates of pizza on a tableA closeup of our slice bounty…

Here is what we thought of the pizza…

Margarita:a slice of pizza with basil on topWe found the Margarita to be a decent version of a Grandma slice, finding it a bit salty. While the slice wasn’t bad, it wasn’t very exciting or worth a 40+ minutes wait.  a person holding a piece of foodCloseup of the undercarriage. BTW- the crust was very enjoyable!

Pepperoni:a piece of pizza with basil on topFirst thoughts, wow, what a difference the pepperoni makes! This was an awesome slice and Lucas’s favorite of the three.

Sausage and Peppers:
a piece of pizza with cheese and basil on topMaybe the Margarita slice was underwhelming but this slice was just great.

The flavors from the sausage and peppers were unbelievable. I’d call this slice the star of the show and definitely my favorite. I’d wait an hour for this slice!

Final Thoughts:

I’d consider our taste of Baby Luc’s a bit interesting. What started off as decent worked its way to getting better by the slice.

Considering it was only the shop’s third day of service, I only expect the pizza to get even better over time.

If you’re pizza obsessed like we are, head over to Baby Luc’s now. If not, I’d say give the shop another few weeks, hopefully the lines will also shrink.

Baby Luc’s is located at 387 Court St in Brooklyn, New York.

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