United Airlines COVID Ticket Change Policy Saves The Day

United Airlines
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It’s been a little over a year since Lucas and I last stepped foot on a plane (even longer for Kim and Theo).

Earlier in the month I shared a flight deal which we found too good to pass up on United Airlines.

We were set to travel to El Salvador for Spring Break at the end of this week then disaster struck. The Health Screening for the NYC Department of Education changed their policy with no warning! (For those of you not so familiar with me and my site, I’m a teacher with the NYC DOE.)

I am teaching in-person and we need to fill out a Health Screening each day to enter the school building.

Up until a couple of days back, the policy stated that for international travel, upon return you need to quarantine for three days and get a COVID test on the fourth. This allowed us to book our short trip to El Salvador.

However, the new policy states that for those traveling internationally now need to quarantine upon return for 7 days and get a COVID test 3-5 days after arrival in NY or complete a 10 day quarantine!

This new rule would not work for me unless I wanted to call out for the first week back from Spring Break- probably not the best idea…

Luckily United Airlines is allowing free changes on flights booked through March 31, 2021.

I quickly pivoted and rebooked our flight for the end of the school year. We’ll now be heading to El Salvador in late June.

While we were all disappointed to not be flying at the end of this week, I actually wasn’t overly upset. The site I had hoped to visit most in El Salvador (Joya de Ceren, a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is currently closed for some rehabbing and should be open in May. We’ll also now have a longer trip in the country and won’t feel rushed like this trip probably would’ve been.

Once again, #FUCOVID…

4 thoughts on “United Airlines COVID Ticket Change Policy Saves The Day

  1. Greg- That is true but I fill out a health screening before heading into work which I am not going to lie on. I’d rather just take the trip when the school year is over.

  2. What am I missing?
    The CDC advises “Travelers should avoid all travel to El Salvador”.
    El Salvador is in the highest Category: 4 – Very High Level of Covid .
    You are an in-person teacher in NYC.
    But.. you “found a travel deal too good to pass up”.
    I’m grateful you’re not teaching my children.

  3. Dar- The US itself is in the same category as El Salvador so I don’t get your point. We were going to quarantine upon return and get tested… (We’re also fully vaccinated.) I am glad that I do not teach your kids because… I would not want to deal with you. Have a great week!

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