Thirsty? Chili’s Offering Gallon Bags of Margaritas For $40 ($30 Tomorrow)

image: Chili’s

If you’re thirsty for some margaritas, Chili’s is currently offering gallon bags of the adult drink… to go!

For the low cost of just $40 per 128 ounce bag, you should be able to pour 25 drinks at the low cost of just $1.60 per serving.

The deal gets even better for one day…

In honor of the restaurants birthday, tomorrow 3/13, you can get a bag of Margaritas for just $30. And If you’re not feeling so thirsty, a single serving will be available for $3.13 each.

Chili’s, founded in 1975 will be turning 46 years old.

The gallon bag of “Mar-Go-Rita” is ready to drink. Yahoo says that “all you have to do is fill your glass with ice and pour.

The drinks are “made with Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila, Patrón Citrónge, and E&J Brandy and hand-shaken 25 times” and are available in classic, mango or strawberry.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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