Food Review: Limited Time Shake Shack Korean- Style Menu

Shake ShackFor quite some time, I’ve mentioned how Shake Shack is my favorite fast casual restaurant. Earlier in the month I wrote how, for a limited time they would be offering items from South Korean Shacks.

During our trip a few years back, we had a chance to dine at Shake Shack in South Korea. While the food was very good, it wasn’t much different than eating at a US location.

We recently gave the Shake Shack South Korea menu a try.a poster of a fast food restaurantThe menu consists of four limited time items. Rather than debate what to get, we decided to order one of everything. At first, we thought we ordered too much. However, by the time we were done, nothing was left! a group of food in boxesNot the best photo, but here are all of the items.

When I got back to the car with the food, Kim and the kids couldn’t believe how good it smelled. We were all ready to dig in…

Korean Style Fried Chick’n:a chicken sandwich in a paper wrapperThis is a regular Shack chicken sandwich elevated with a delicious, mildly spicy Gochujang glaze. There’s also a white kimchi slaw on the sandwich.

The slaw added some crunch and helped to balance out of the flavor of the sweet & spicy Gochujang.

Korean Gochujang Fries:a box of french fries with sauceThe fries were served with a tasty and creamy Gochujang mayo sauce and seemed to be a bit saltier than usual. Kim and I really enjoyed the tangy sauce but I would’ve liked a bit more spice in it.

Korean Gohujang Chick’n Bites:a chicken in a containerMuch like the fries, the Chick’n bites seemed to be regular Shack bites but a bit saltier. What set these apart was the side of Gochujang mayo sauce.

We found the nuggets to be extremely enjoyable with the Gochujang mayo but again, I expected a little more spice.

Black Sugar Vanilla Shake:a hand holding a cup of milkshakeShake Shack makes some of the best shakes out there. However, I’ve noticed an inconsistency with them being thick (how they should be) or overly blended down to something a drop thicker than milk.

This shake was perfect in terms of thickness and flavor.

The shake was nice and creamy with a good caramel flavor. It was sweet but not overly sweet. We all really loved this shack and plan to order it again before it goes away.

Final Thoughts:

We enjoyed the South Korea-inspired Shake Shack menu items. However, it would’ve been nice to have had fries and chicken bites which didn’t only come with a sauce on the side to make them… Korean.

I wish Shake Shack would’ve went the extra step to create special bites and fries. Other items I would’ve loved to have seen on the menu would be actual fried chicken and a Bulgogi Burger.

Maybe next time!

Find out more about Shake Shack’s Korean-Inspired menu here.

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