CommonPass, Digital Health App Could Make Travel Safer During COVID-19

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One of the biggest issues with international travel during the pandemic has been knowing if travelers arriving at a destination have the appropriate health status to visit.

Lonely Planet reports that, “a new digital health pass called CommonPass is currently being trialed to hopefully make this process easier.”

During these times, many countries have travel bans or mandatory quarantines in place due to a lack of trust with medical records from international visitors.

The app, called CommonPass would “allow travelers to carry their COVID-19 test result in a standardized format that is instantly recognizable to officials.”

Countries could set specific requirement for entry like a negative PCR test before departure or (hopefully in the near future) a COVID-19 vaccination. CommonPass could potentially help countries reopen to visitors while still keeping their citizens safe.

CommonPass is being launched by the World Economic Forum and the Commons Project. They’re using the guidelines of the International Health Regulations. You’ll be able to access lab results and vaccination records while also giving consent to have the information used to confirm their COVID-19 status. No other personal health information would be shared.

Currently, the CommonPass framework is being tested by Cathay Pacific and United Airlines on some flights.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here.

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