Review: Avid Hotels (IHG Property)- Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Avid HotelsA few weeks back, the Michael W Travels family took a visit to Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

During our visit, we spent a night on a train at the Red Caboose Motel in Ronks, PA. We almost spent both nights there but we were glad that we didn’t.

For the second night, we decided to try a relatively new IHG brand called Avid Hotels. The property, located in Lancaster, PA was in a good location and available at a pretty reasonable price.a lobby with a reception desk and a signWhen we drove up, we thought the hotel had a very nice style. It’s somewhat cookie-cutter while also standing out due to the red accents on the building.

Upon entering the large, open lobby we were greeted and checked-in pretty quickly.a long hallway with blue and white carpetThe hallways is lined with a well designed carpet.a room with two beds and a deskThe room wasn’t huge but it was laid out well and had some nice features, utilizing the space very well.a room with a bed and a televisionHere is a view from the far side of the room.a room with two bedsOur room had two queen beds which were comfortable but maybe a bit softer than I prefer.a tv on the wallThe kids made good use of the TV during our limited time hanging around in the room. I took advantage of the desk area to write a post for my site!a bed next to a bedThere’s a small refrigerator in the room. This piece of furniture also had an ironing board, place to leave your things/ open your bag on or even sit if needed.a bathroom with a mirror and toiletThe bathroom was very clean. The soap bottles were attached to the walls both in the shower and by the sink.

My one wish would be to have a handheld shower head rather than the attached kind. I assume most hotels do this to minimize the risk of breakage and need for repair.a collage of food and snacksOther Amenities:

Breakfast was grab and go style due to COVID-19. The kids enjoyed the boxed cereal and I was a bit surprised by how solid the egg & cheese sandwich was (I had no expectation that it would be good).

There’s also a small pool which we didn’t use and a nice but small fitness center.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, our stay at Avid Hotels was very good. We all enjoyed the comfortable room and the price was right. The paid price of the room with tax was $89.63. Rather than pay the money, I decided to book a reward stay for 12,500 points.

This might not be the best redemption but we rarely use IHG points. I was happy to save around $90 for this little road trip!

Avid Hotels is located at 2151 Lincoln Highway East Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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  1. It feels like we’re going back to the 90’s in terms of style, between the loud accent colors on the building, and the hallway carpet reminds me of “that” green/purple fountain drink cup that was ubiquitous at the time.

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