Not So Refreshing: Water On Most Flights Not Safe To Drink

This sounds like a better option than water!

When I fly, I usually order water from the inflight service. For all of these years, I thought I was going the healthy route to stay hydrated and boy was I wrong!

Fox News reports that “a 2019 Airline Water Study conducted by Hunter College NYC Food Policy Canter and investigated the water quality on 23 different U.S. airlines. According to the results, many airlines allegedly provide passengers with unhealthy water.”

The study took a look at 10 major and 13 regional airlines. Water was scored on a level ranging from 0-5 with a 5 being the top score.

A score of 3 and up meant the H2O was safe and clean. Alaska Airlines and Allegiant scored the highest with a 3.3. Hawaiian wasn’t far behind with a 3.1.

The two lowest scoring major airlines were Spirit and JetBlue who each scored a 1!

Fox mentions that all of the regional airlines had low scores besides Piedmont.

The study suggests to not drink any water on flights unless it’s from a sealed bottle. You also shouldn’t think about drinking the coffee or tea.

The worst part… The study says that you should not wash your hands in the bathroom and to bring your own hand-sanitizer instead!

Find out more from Fox News here.

3 thoughts on “Not So Refreshing: Water On Most Flights Not Safe To Drink

  1. I think you and Fox are engaging in some hyperbole here. If things were even halfway as bad as you’re saying, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people would be getting sick in the US every day. It would be a pandemic. Since that hasn’t happened in… ever, maybe taking this with a healthy dose of skepticism would be a good idea. I’m not saying there’s nothing to this story, just that ridiculous scare tactics might not be the best approach.

  2. I don’t get it. How does the quality of the water in an airplane’s water tanks affect the quality of the drinking water provided to passengers? If it makes the drinking water so unsafe, then other beverages are unsafe to drink, too, aren’t they?
    If an opened bottle of water is affected, then so are opened cans of sodas, juices, etc. Opened bottles of wine? Uh-oh! Not to mention all the ice.
    No, beverages in cans is not affected? Then the water isn’t affected as well.
    When you order water to drink, that water originates from a bottle. Flight attendants don’t run to the bathroom to fill your cup there. A bottle is opened and water is poured into your cup.
    I guess the results of the study are, that you shouldn’t drink the tap water in the lav … and even shouldn’t use that water for washing your hands.

  3. Christian- I hear what you’re saying and you make a good point. I didn’t really agree or disagree with the news ones way or another. However, I do find the study pretty interesting.

    Ralfinho- LOL- I took it that you shouldn’t wash your hands with the bathroom water and it might be a good idea to bring hand sanitizer!

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