Delta Air Lines Will Air Film In Entirety With Sex Scenes Which Were Edited Out

Delta Air LinesA few days back, I wrote about how actress and director Olivia Wilde was upset with Delta Air Lines for editing same-sex love scenes out of her film, Booksmart.

After much media attention to this issue, it appears that Delta Air Lines has changed their mind and will air the film including the previously edited out sex scenes.

CNN reports that “Delta Air Lines says in-flight versions of the films “Booksmart” and Elton John’s biopic “Rocketman” will no longer skip same-sex love scenes“.

The reason that the scenes will now be included is that the airline said the scenes were “unnecessarily excluded“.

Delta says that they weren’t aware that the scenes were edited out of the movies airing during flights. The airline is also putting a “new process in place for managing content available,” during their flights.

The CNN article also mentions how Delta said that other films which have aired in the past show that they don’t usually cut LGBTQ+ love scenes from movies available during flights.

It isn’t yet know when Delta flights will carry updated versions of Booksmart and Rocketman.

Find out more from CNN here.

9 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines Will Air Film In Entirety With Sex Scenes Which Were Edited Out

  1. While Delta is a US carrier, they have flights to countries where the cut scenes are illegal and those airing it would be subject to fines and imprisonment.

  2. Sex scenes are important. We all need to be more open, accepting, less judgmental. Censoring is anti all that. Let’s let people be themselves. And sex is big partof it. Got it ? Good!

    Olivia wilde is hot and i would love to.

  3. Time for people to buy a product like VidAngel…it was fantastic to edit out any content we found objectionable. That is it was great until Hollywood sued to kill it off.

    For me, I don’t want to sit next to someone watching things I object to, if it’s not this movie then any other for that matter. I’ve sat next to pax that downloaded and were watching porn on their phones…I find this argument of bad taste

  4. John- Possibly but not sure if that’s true.

    RM- quite a few people do

    debit- When you comment with something that is not appropriate then yes it needs to be taken out.

    Robert- I hear ya.

    1. Appropriate is in the eyes of the beholder. There is no need for a gay sex scene or any sex scene if the airline so determines
      No one is denying the rights for gays to marry. The left needs to take care of its hypocrisy.

  5. debit- Appropriate is in the eye of the beholder. From what it sounds like, there was no reason to edit the sex scene or some words. I personally haven’t seen the movie and I also don’t know much about it.

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