This Woman Hacked Not Paying Extra Baggage Fees By Doing This

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image: Facebook- Gel Rodriguez

I’d bet that most of you have faced the dilemma of being charged extra baggage fees when checking in luggage at the airport.

The big questions is what do you do?

A few times, we were told that a piece of luggage was overweight so we needed to open our bags and move things around. This is definitely annoying but at least we didn’t get stuck paying extra fees.

When one woman, Gel Rodriguez was told that her luggage was 2kg over the max weight allowed by an airline, she got creative.

Yahoo reports, “rather than pay the additional fee, she decided it was best to wear as many of her clothes as she could, putting on layer after layer of pants, shirts and long-sleeved tops.”

Kim and I have joked about doing this many times but have never actually tried it. I tend to find it hot on planes, especially during boarding, so I couldn’t imagine wearing layers of clothing.

Rodriguez posted a photo wearing the extra clothes to Facebook and it ended up being shared over 20,000 times. The post has also received over 1,000 comments.

While her plan to allow her to avoid paying extra fees, Rodriquez doesn’t recommend others follow suit due to all of the clothes making her feel very hot.

Would you try to layer up to avoid paying extra baggage fees on a flight?

Find out more from Yahoo here.

9 thoughts on “This Woman Hacked Not Paying Extra Baggage Fees By Doing This

  1. Here’s another tip: pack your denims and shoes in your carry-on. Small valises will never become overweight.

  2. That story reminds me of an identical case that happened during my presence at an International Airport in a Mediterranean Nation: ” A family of four were immigrating to a Country in the Pacific. They had 6 suitcases. I heard a commotion and learned that the immigrants were asked to pay for excess luggage. The father, quietly, opened a bag and started wearing a couple of suits and shirts. His two children did the same and when the 6 suitcases were re-weighted, they were within the approved weight. There were no objection by the Agents of the Airline Company. Rather, some of the airline personnel did help the immigrants repacking and carrying their carry-on bags and wishing them a “Bon Voyage”. That incident happened sometime in August 1969. What a difference between then and now in treating passengers, especially the immigrants who, I learned, they are treated like Animals.

  3. Once I was overweight by 3 pounds. I just put more in my carry on. I told the agent it was kind of silly since the same weight was still going onto the plane. She said she knew but that’s the way it is.

  4. Billy Bob- That’s awesome! I think there’s been random stories which have came out in recent years with others also trying to layer up!

    E- I disagree regarding clickbait but that’s your decision to make if you choose to unsubscribe.

  5. There was a story some years back about some guy who tried to wear his whole trip’s worth of clothes to save a few bucks but they wouldn’t board him.

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