Actress & Director Olivia Wilde Mad At Delta Air Lines Over Edit Of Film

olivia wilde
image: Twitter @oliviawilde

Actress and director Olivia Wilde isn’t happy with Delta Air Lines due to the way her critically acclaimed film “Booksmart” was edited.

The film which is R- rated had various scenes deleted by “a third-party editing company that services films forĀ airlines .” The deleted scenes were related to female sexuality.

Some changes include removing the words “genitals and “vagina. While those words were removed, the word f*ck remained. A love scene involving two women was also axed from Booksmart.

Olivia Wilde wasn’t happy about the changes made to her film for inflight viewing. She wondered, “What message is this sending to viewers and especially to women? That their bodies are obscene? That their sexuality is shameful?“, according to GMA for Yahoo.

Wilde also asked that airlines stop using these services to edit films and trust the parental advisory warnings to allow passengers to choose what they watch.

The airline and editing company weren’t directly named. Yahoo mentioned that, “a representative for Delta Air LinesĀ told People magazine that Delta uses a version edited by a third-party company if anything in the movie violates their guidelines.”

Other airlines using edited versions of Booksmart on flights include Etihad and Emirates.

Find out more from GMA for Yahoo here.

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