Dubai Has A New Bus Route To… Muscat, Oman

(image: pixaby) This is Not A Bus In Dubai!

Dubai has a new bus route to an amazing destination which should be of interest to many…

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority recently started a new bus route which can take you to another country. Three daily services will be able to take you from Dubai to Muscat, Oman!

The bus will be making pick-ups from two bus stations and Dubai Airport (Terminal 2).

The ride takes a reasonable six hours, stopping in a bunch of towns in Oman and at Muscat’s airport.

The buses are being touted as a luxury ride, offering free WiFi.

Tickets currently need to be purchased in person. However, soon they’ll be available for online booking. The cost is very reasonable at just $15US one way.

If you decide to hop on the coach from Dubai to Oman, just remember you will need a visa to visit unless you carry the passport of one of the six countries who are exempt.

When we visited the region in 2015, we flew from Muscat to Abu Dhabi and then caught a bus to Dubai. The bus is definitely a viable and affordable option (which from what I recall, was offered by other companies back then).

Find out more about this new bus service from Lonely Planet here.

2 thoughts on “Dubai Has A New Bus Route To… Muscat, Oman

  1. globetrotter- I don’t recall the visa rules but I think we got one upon arrival? (We flew here from Doha.) Muscat has some things to do, but the best parts of Oman are all around the country. We loved it. We stayed at a Radisson and an Intercontinental in Muscat.

  2. You do not need Omani visa if you land in Dubai airport only. Just make sure you check with customs officials for verification. It is a hassle to get Omani visa online because you need to shrink the photo size and you cannot apply more than thirty day prior to arrival date. We could not apply online before leaving home because we were on a five week overseas trip. The bus fare is a real deal as we paid USD 400 for a private car from Dubai to Muscat one way. Muscat is expensive and you do not need more than three days there. There is a newly built Crown Plaza but it is isolated from downtown. We were in Muscat last November.

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