Southwest Airlines Employee Accused of Making Fun of 5 Y.O.’s Name

Southwest AirlinesAn employee of family friendly Southwest Airlines is being accused of making fun of a 5 year-old girl’s name by her mother.

Traci Redford claims that she was boarding a Southwest Airlines flight when she heard the employee making fun of her daughter Abcde’s name. Her daughter’s name is pronounced Ab-city.

I have to admit when I read the girl’s name, all I could do was shake my head. What could the girl’s parents have been thinking to name their kid after the first five letters of the alphabet!

The mockery took place at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California as the mom and little Abcde were boarding a plane to home to El Paso, Texas.

Yahoo reports that “the Redfords were preboarding — as they usually do because Abcde is epileptic — when the Southwest Airlines gate agent started laughing and pointing at the child and making fun of her unique name to fellow airline employees“.

Regardless of the child’s name, if the story is true, the Southwest Airlines employee should be ashamed of herself.

According to the article, Abcde asked her mom why the employee was making fun of her name. Sad…

The story gets even weirder. The employee apparently took a photo of the child’s boarding pass and posted it on Facebook. Traci Redford was made aware of this and filed a complaint with the airline. She didn’t get a response for two weeks.

Redford then shared her complaint with ABC 7. Soon after, Southwest Airlines made a public apology to the Redfords.

Redford says that this wasn’t a one- time thing with this employee. She’s also posted photos online, making fun of people for what they’re wearing at the airport, among other things.

Talk about a bizarre story.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

One thought on “Southwest Airlines Employee Accused of Making Fun of 5 Y.O.’s Name

  1. To quote Lewis Black, “What’s next, FGHIJK ‘fa-jicka’?”

    I mean, poor customer service of course, but still, it’s funny as an outsider

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