Tragedy At Yosemite National Park- Two Die In Fall From Taft Point

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Tragedy struck at Yosemite National Park, located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

Two people died while visiting the popular Taft Point overlook, an area where you can “walk to the cliff’s edge, where there is no railing“, according to Yahoo.

The bodies of the male and female visitors were yet to be recovered by park rangers.

An investigation is under way to figure out when the duo actually fell and from which part of the popular overlook. Taft Point is 3,000 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor.

You’ve got to wonder if this tragedy could’ve been avoided. Yahoo mentions how railings are only present at a small part of the overlook.

We’ve yet to visit Yosemite National Park so I’m not really familiar with Taft Point which Yahoo says, “is popular for its breathtaking views of the valley, Yosemite Falls and El Capitan and fissures on the granite rock that plunge to the valley floor.”

The overlook was the site of two other tragic deaths a few years back when famed BASE jumper Dean Potter and Graham Hunt died after jumping from it. (I vaguely remember reading about this in Outside Magazine .)

Find out more from Yahoo here.

3 thoughts on “Tragedy At Yosemite National Park- Two Die In Fall From Taft Point

  1. It’s the wilderness. It doesn’t come with railings. Have you hiked before? Be aware. Be careful. Don’t walk so close to an edge you will freaking fall off.

  2. Don’t ruin that natural look of things because people are stupid. It’s not Disneyland. And don’t go and try petting the animals either. Another nominee for the Darwin award.

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