Town In Swiss Alps Will Be For Rent, Becoming A Hotel

Swiss Alps
image: wikicommons

A small town in the Swiss Alps will be available for rent as it transforms into a hotel.

Corippo, located on a hillside close to the Swiss- Italian border is trying to survive by transforming into a hotel.

The town with a population of 12 people is getting some help from a local non-profit, Fondazione Corippo and “is refurbishing 30 of its 70 buildings for use as a “scattered hotel” called Casa Arcotti“, according to Curbed.

The project will cost $6.5 million and will make various improvements to the area. The only local restaurant in Corippo will be turned into a dining hall and reception space. Open- air communal spaces will be aplenty by utilizing the town hall, main square and church. Homes and cottages in town will become vacation rentals.

Curbed mentions that the idea of the scattered hotel is popular in Italy “as a way to revive villages with dwindling populations“.

This sounds like a cool idea and it would probably be fun and interesting to stay at a “scattered hotel” in the future. What do you think?

Find out more from Curbed here.

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