Take An Amish Uber Ride In A Horse and Buggy

image: wikicommons

I’ve become a big fan of Uber. During our current trip, Uber has been an extremely helpful and cheap way to catch a ride in Ukraine, especially when we’re dealing with a language barrier.

Now a man is offering rides in his horse and buggy, calling it Amish Uber!

Timothy Hochstedler lives around 150 miles from Detroit, Michigan in the town of Colon. Colon is home to just 1,200 people. CNN says its, “not sizeable enough to justify the existence of a ride-sharing service such as Uber.”

Hochstedler decided to offer rides in his horse and buggy for just $5. The only problem with his Amish Uber is that you can’t hail a ride through an app.

The only way to catch a ride in the horse and buggy is by flagging it down like you might do with a more traditional taxi.

In a short video featured on CNN, the Amish Uber had a hand written sign, mentioning horse and buggy rides for $5. And, a family taking a ride, seemed very happy with the service

Amish Uber is not affiliated in any way with Uber and the rideshare did not respond to CNN’s request for a comment.

Would you be interested in taking a horse and buggy “Uber” ride? I would!

Find out more from CNN here.

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