Exotic Voyages Launches A Tribute To Anthony Bourdain Vietnam Tour

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

Chef, TV star, author and traveler Anthony Bourdain shockingly passed away in early June. We recently found out that the final season of his hit series, Parts Unknown would air this fall.

A CNN documentary about Bourdain will be released by CNN in early 2019.

A bill was proposed for an Anthony Bourdain Food Trail in New Jersey. 

It was just announced that a travel tour company will also honor Bourdain by offering a special tour.

Tour company Exotic Voyages recently launched A Tribute To Anthony Bourdain: Taste of Vietnam, a 14 day, 13 night trip.

The tour will be led by Diep Nguyen. Nguyen worked with Bourdain on his Parts Unknown Northern Vietnam episode in 2016.

During the tour, participants will travel to nine cities around the country. There will be activities including “river cruises in the Mekong Delta; browsing silk shops in Hoi An; and of course, eating tons of street food à la Bourdain“, according to CNTraveler. The tour will also visit various restaurants that Bourdain dined at on his shows.

The tour isn’t cheap, it starts at $3,755 but it does include everything besides flight to and from Ho Chi Minh.

Would you be interested in taking an Anthony Bourdain tour of Vietnam?

Find out more from CN Traveler here.

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