Baby Overheats On Pakistan International Airlines, Mom Begs Crew To Open Plane Door

Pakistan International Airlines
image: wikicommons

A mother on a Pakistan International Airlines flight begged flight crew to open the doors to the plane after a lengthy delay on the tarmac.

Fox reports that the woman “was recorded begging and screaming at flight crew to open the door after her baby purportedly passed out from the heat while waiting for takeoff.

By the time the woman was asking for the plane doors to be opened, the Pakistan International Airlines planes had already been stuck on the tarmac for over 2.5 hours.

A video shows the woman and other passengers arguing with the crew as the mom fans the baby.

The flight was heading from Paris to Islamabad. The airline says that the flight was delayed around a half hour while passengers say it was much longer.

One passenger wrote on Facebook that the airline shut off the air conditioning during the delay.

The airline has since started an investigation into the incident.

Before takeoff, the mother and her baby were moved to another section of the plane.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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