DON’T Do This If You’re Going To Miss Your United Airlines Flight

United Airlines
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I’m happy to say that we’ve never missed a flight due to our own mistake. Over the years, we missed a few connecting flights due to other flight delays.

Last summer, during our 5 week trip around the Pacifoc, we had a flight delay at the very end of our trip.

If you happen to be running late for a flight, DO NOT do what this man did so he wouldn’t miss a flight on United Airlines.

Dana Carter, a 40 year-old man from Ohio called in a bomb threat in October for a Dayton to Dallas flight.

Fox News reports that, he, “called in a bomb threat to Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport so he would avoid missing his flight was sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay a fine.”

The flight was canceled due to his actions and Carter was placed on another flight a couple of hours later.

Carter’s attorney said that what he did was a foolish act. It is also going to cost him a lot more than it would’ve to just purchase a new flight.

Besides the jail time, Carter will have to pay United Airlines back $7,700 for the canceled flight. And, after he’s released from jail, Carter will be on federal probation for three years.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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