AirAsia Passenger Recorded Picking Skin Off Feet, Tossing It On Plane Floor

image: wikicommons

An AirAsia passenger was caught on tape doing something really disgusting during a flight.

During a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hanoi, Vietnam, passenger Jade Thomas and boyfriend Trong Nguyen spotted another passenger across the aisle sitting with his feet up on the seat in front of him.

This might not sound like such an unusual thing to see on a flight but then he upped the ante.

The passenger started picking skin off of his feet, letting it fall onto the airplane’s floor!

The man was caught on film picking away at his feet. In the video, you see the man, wearing a surgical mask (maybe his feet also stink) seem very focused while he picks away. He then lets the pieces of skin just fall to the floor. (I guess we shouldn’t expect him to collect the skin to toss in the trash…)

The New York Post mentions that the video “has gone viral online.”

I hope that nobody who witnessed this behavior ordered a meal during this AirAsia flight. I think that I’d lose my appetite!

Find out more and check out the video on Fox News here.

2 thoughts on “AirAsia Passenger Recorded Picking Skin Off Feet, Tossing It On Plane Floor

  1. That’s nothing. I lived in Singapore for years and that’s a everyday occurrence on buses and subway trains. That plus the clipping of toenails and the picking of noses.

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