A Bizarre Attraction By LaGuardia Airport I Need To Visit

LaGuardia Airport
image: wikicommons (not the actual rock)

Upgrades to LaGuardia Airport make it a nightmare to drive to. It can also be a big pain when trying to catch a ride when you want to leave the airport.

Once the renovations are done at LaGuardia Airport, it should be the best and most modern airport in the NYC area.

Besides the Amex Centurion Lounge (if you have access) at LGA, there isn’t much to do to kill time while stuck at the airport.

Gothamist shared some info about a bizarre attraction across the street. (OK, Gothamist didn’t exactly call it an attraction, they called it an artifact.)

The Giant Rock is across the street from LGA, “happily nestled between two hotels.”

The rock, better known as The Ditmars Boulevard/ Crowne Plaza Pet Rock weighs in at over 1,000 tons. It arrived at its current home 12,000 years back via an ice sheet.

There’s even a plaque which shares important details about this massive rock.

Recently, the two hotels had a competition to rename the rock with the winning name being Pet Rock. However, the hotels were alerted that the rock already had a name- The Giant Rock.

Gothamist also mentions how in the past, developers have tried to remove the rock but they’ve been stopped.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

2 thoughts on “A Bizarre Attraction By LaGuardia Airport I Need To Visit

  1. Derek- Those are some good suggestions. I love the World’s Fair sites, especially the globe etc… The Marine Air Terminal is also very cool. We visited a few years back during Open House NY. I wrote a post about it which you can check out here.

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for the story. Before reading it, I would have had only two suggestions for sightseeing near LaGuardia. One is the 1964 World’s Fair site to the east of the airport. If short on time, it’s not practical to visit. The other place is the murals at the Marine Air Terminal (terminal A) where Alaska and JetBlue flights are.

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