The Best Travel Purchase Billionaire Mark Cuban Ever Made

Mark Cuban
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Mark Cuban is worth close to $4 billion so be could buy pretty much anything that his heart desires.

Cuban made the bulk of his fortune initially when he sold to Yahoo. Since then he’s bought the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, owns a few airplanes and is one of the investors on ABC’s Shark Tank.

T+L recently shared information about one of the best purchases Mark Cuban ever made.

Cuban is one of just 28 people who bought an American Airlines AAirpass.

What makes the pass special is that it allows the owner unlimited access to first class flights, anywhere in the world. The pass could’ve been bought for $250,000 up until 1994 when sales of the pass were halted.

T+L mentions that back in 1981, AA was in “deep financial trouble“. To raise some money, the airline offered up this lifelong, unlimited first class ticket. “According to Maxim, Cuban called the decision to buy the ticket “one of the best purchases [he’s] ever made.”

An interesting perk which came along with the pass is that you still earn miles for all of the flights you take.

I’d love to know how many flights Mark Cuban has taken with his AAirpass, but no info along those lines was shared in the article. However, it does mention that one man who bought the pass in 1987 took over 10,000 flights with it. He’s even used it just to fly to Canada to grab a sandwich. (My guess is that it was Schwartz’s Smoked Meat!)

Imagine all of the places you could go in style with an unlimited ticket in first class? Boy it would be nice!

Find out more from T+L here.

3 thoughts on “The Best Travel Purchase Billionaire Mark Cuban Ever Made

  1. I would take a flight to get Schwartz’s smoke meat, even without a pass. I think you are correct in your assessment about the sandwich choice.

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