Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #13: No Bunny Fare Allowed- Moscow, Russia

moscow russiaI love coming across funny signs both at home and while traveling around the world. Most of the time these signs aren’t meant to be funny, regardless, humor can be found in them.

From time to time, I post about funny signs which I call, Ridiculous Street Signs.

I recently posted about a sign I came across in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. This led to an e-mail from a reader who wanted to contribute a sign she came across in the suburbs of Moscow Russia.
moscow russiaWhen I first saw the sign sent in by Olesya, I assumed that it meant something like, no bunnies allowed on the train. Specifically, I assumed that Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit wasn’t allowed.

Olesya then let me know that the sign means, “no drinking, smoking, littering or bunny-fare allowed (bunny-fare means not paying for train ride)“.

I’ve never heard of the term bunny-fare before, have you?moscow russiaI sent Olesya a few questions about her bunny-fare sign.

MW: When did you spot the sign?
Olesya: Small train station called Podsolnechnaya, Moscow Russia region
MW: Where is the sign located?
Olesya: Past the ticket scanners, before entering the platform for the train
MW: What was your reaction/ thoughts when you saw it?
Olesya: Couldn’t believe my eyes at first, took me a minute to figure it out, then laughed because it’s clever and very culturally intuitive.
MW: Do funny signs usually catch your attention?
Olesya: Absolutely, though not always in a way intended by who displayed it, I guess.
MW: Is there anything else related to the sign that you’d like to share?
Olesya: Not really. Glad I was able to share something unique.

I want to thank Olesya again for sending in this awesome sign!

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  1. You can find other examples on this theme with a google image search for “ехать зайцем” — signs, cartoons, and people in costumes.

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