Woman Screamed At Baby On Delta Airlines Flight, Suspended From Gov Job!

Delta Airlines
image: Aero Shots

Earlier in the month, a woman was removed from a Delta Airlines operated flight for screaming at a baby and her mother. She also threatened to have the flight attendant fired, saying she worked for the governor of New York.

The incident took place at JFK Airport before the Endeavor Air flight took off.

Less than two weeks later, the woman, Susan Peirez got a dose of karma as she was suspended from her job with the state due to her actions.

Fox News shared a quote from Ronni Reich, a director of public information for the New York State Council of the Arts, “State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally.” (Peirez supposedly works as a program director with the council.)

Reich also mentioned how they were notified of the events which took place and are doing an investigation. The article stated that Peirez was “removed” from her position and on leave until the matter is resolved.

On a video by 19-year-old mom Marissa Rundell, you can hear Peirez say that she works for the governor before asking to be seated further from Rundell’s crying baby. What’s funny about the situation is that no baby can be heard crying during the video!

When Peirez was told that she could not be moved, she started threatening the flight attendant. The FA countered by telling another crew member that she wanted Pereiz removed from the flight.

Peirez then apologized a bunch of times to no avail, she was still removed from the flight.

There’s no info yet as to whether the woman is getting paid while the incident was being investigated.

I’d like to thank Delta Airlines for doing the right thing. I look forward to finding out the end result of Peirez’s job situation.

Find out more from Fox News here.

3 thoughts on “Woman Screamed At Baby On Delta Airlines Flight, Suspended From Gov Job!

  1. JohnJ- I think you’ll probably be right but it is interesting that the situation was even addressed. Progress?

    Stany V- Don’t know who to believe for sure, but according to what I read, the baby wasn’t even crying when the woman started complaining. You make a good point- there should be rules for these kind of situations. The problem is that they seem to be on a case by case basis since the events aren’t usually the same each time.

  2. So first there are news about an 8 hour flight with demonic screaming child. No one does anything, child screams all flight.

    Here, a baby is crying, someone demands to be moved (let’s ignore the fact that Peirez tried to pull “I am important” card), and loses their job.

    Isn’t it time for airlines to have clear rules what they would and would not do to customers that disrupt the flight to other customers, so that situations like this would just not happen?

    When does individual right of one starts to impose on rights of others?

    “Child screams for 29 minutes from take-off – OK, Child screams for 30 minutes – diversion”

    Yes, I am exaggerating, but it’s a valid question.

  3. I’m not surprised at the elitist and entitled attitude of this state worker. Hey, if it works for the boss, why not try it? New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo sets a very poor example for his employees as he is very often described as a “bully” in dealing with members of the state legislature. Guess it’s the old “you reap what you sow”.

    P.S. – Bet she doesn’t lose her job or get demoted. Will be suspended (with pay) only until the stink goes away!

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