No Food On Some American Airlines Flights Due To Listeria Outbreak

american airlines
image: Aero Shots

I’m sure that most of you look forward to the gourmet food served on American Airlines flights. Ok, maybe not…

Regardless of your love of airline food or not, some passengers flying with American Airlines won’t be getting a meal due to a listeria outbreak at one of their caterer’s kitchens, according to a Grub Street article I recently came across.

The canceled food service is affecting flights departing from Los Angeles.

American is being extra cautious with food prepared by the caterer Gate Gourmet. The listeria outbreak took place at Gate Gourmet’s prep facility. The company has since stopped using the facility for now.

Luckily there haven’t been any reports of passengers getting sick from the food. Gate Gourmet does the inflight catering for a bunch of other airlines at LAX including Delta. While AA has halted meal service, Delta will continue to serve the caterer’s food since there’s been “no indication of unsafe conditions there”, according to CNBC.

American Airlines is considering temporary solutions like giving out snacks at the gate, using another caterer or even giving out flight vouchers, good for future flights.

Find out more from Grub Street here.

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