Teen Opens Emergency Door, Jumps Out As Plane Taxis At SFO

image: wikicommons

Minutes after a plane landed at San Francisco International Airport, a teen traveling alone opened the emergency door and jumped out, sliding down the wing to the tarmac.

The 17 year-old boy was traveling on Copa Airlines Flight 208 from Panama City to San Francisco when the situation took place.

ABC News reports that he “was taken to a hospital for mental health treatment“.

An airport spokesman said that the boy , a U.S. citizen “appeared to be in emotional distress during the flight“.

The local police said that the teen will not be charged. The airline said that it’s a violation of federal law to open the emergency exit unless instructed to do so.

After jumping out, the boy was held by a construction crew on the runway until police arrived and arrested him.

The boy was sitting in the exit row. By the time others realized he had opened the door, the boy was already running on the runway! Passenger Sophia Gibson told San Jose TV station KNTV, “It was as if he was like flying out, like it was really fast“.

Amazingly no other flights were delayed due to the incident but the Copa plane ended up on the runway for over an hour.

Find out more from ABC News here.

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