American Tourist Gives Nazi Salute in Germany, Gets Beat Up

American Tourist
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Last week I wrote about two Chinese tourists who were arrested in Germany for doing a Nazi salute. I was happy to hear that they faced some sort of punishment for doing this hateful pose.

I recently came across news that an American tourist gave the Nazi salute in Dresden, Germany.

Soon after, the American got a little lesson in right and wrong from a stranger who beat him up “after he began giving the Nazi salute outside a cafe in Dresden“, according to the Washington Post.

The situation took place at around 8:15 AM when the American Tourist left a cafe in the Neustadt district of the city. The Wash Post mentioned that Neustadt is “known to be a liberal part of the town and a popular meeting spot for students.”

The American is identified as 41 years-old and was severely drunk. (IMO being drunk isn’t an excuse to start doing Nazi salutes or should it be forgiven.) He suffered minor injuries.

The man who beat up the American fled the scene and the police are looking for him for causing personal injury. As for the American tourist, he might not be off the hook just yet. The police are investigating him “for violating German laws prohibiting Nazi symbols.”

I’m hoping that the American tourist gets some sort of fine for his actions. As for the man who beat him up- while I don’t condone violence, I’d still give him a pat on the back.

Find out more from the Washington Post here.

12 thoughts on “American Tourist Gives Nazi Salute in Germany, Gets Beat Up

  1. Doing the Hitler salute, yelling “Heil Hitler” or displaying a swastika is illegal in Germany. Nothing more, and nothing less, nothing to discuss.
    The American tourist will learn that it is better to follow the laws of the host country. This is valid for all countries.

  2. Jody- Who’s the millennial???

    Visitor- LOL

    Matt- Thanks for pointing out the error. I will def have a word with my editor! 🙂

    Bob- Good thing I don’t plan to ever run for office!

    rmah- Typo.

  3. “As for the man who beat him up- while I don’t condone violence, I’d still give him a pat on the back.”

    Can you even imagine the blowback the President would get if he wrote that?

    1. I can understand your sensitivity to this subject but you might have worded your thoughts differently so as not to sound like someone from Antifa. This tourist was just plain ignorant!

  4. You probably want to amend this statement: “…..(IMO being drunk is an excuse to start doing Nazi salutes…..)”.

    Proofread your dibble please.

  5. You are condoning violence. It’s surprising the self righteous glee you have for a drunken countryman of yours being assaulted while traveling. Who knows what exactly he did or didn’t do and what was going through his head when he did it. This is why we have laws, and a court system. Even Germany has them.

    The authoritarian streak in millennials is strong,and their ability to process nuance, self control, and self reflection is the worst of any generation so far.

  6. James- Hatred no, in this case violence to a small degree.

    Roland- Thanks for stopping by.

    Michael- I see your point… I wouldn’t tell someone to go attack someone giving the salute but if they choose to do so, I could see why they would.

  7. Either you don’t condone violence or you give a pat in the back. You can’t have it both ways. When people say “I don’t condone violence, but….”, then yes, you condone violence.

  8. Not condoning violence due to verbal provocation and in the same sentence patting the perpetrator on the back, is an imbecile paradoxical statement you don’t deserve to get away with. I have read my last letter put on the internet by your keystrokes.

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