Did The $20 Off $50 at Whole Foods Hyatt Card Offer Already Expire?

It’s always nice to save money with different offers from our credit cards, especially when its for things we already planned to buy.

A while back there was a deal from Amex Offers to save at Whole Foods. I don’t recall exactly what the offer was but I think it was $10 off of a $50 purchase.

Yesterday I received an e-mail about an even better offer for Whole Foods.

The only problem is that only those of us with the Hyatt credit card can take advantage of the offer.

When you spend $50 or more in a single purchase at Whole Foods ¬†with your Hyatt credit card, you’ll receive a $20 statement credit! If you spend exactly $50, that comes to a savings of 40%! Not bad at all…

The Michael W Travels family is currently away on a 5 week trip to the Pacific.

whole foods

The internet has been a bit spotty so I figured that I could register for the promo later on. I tried doing so last night and all I got was an error message when I clicked on the link in the e-mail!

I definitely found this odd since I didn’t see anything in the terms stating that there was a limited number of redemptions available! The terms state that you need to register before using your card and to make a $50 purchase between August 14 and September 25.

Have any of you had a problem registering for the Hyatt Whole Foods promo?

I sent an e-mail to find out what’s going on and hope to hear back that my card can be registered but I won’t count on it.

10 thoughts on “Did The $20 Off $50 at Whole Foods Hyatt Card Offer Already Expire?

  1. Yes, I have tried to sign up as well with no success. I also sent an email to an address they mentioned when my request did not go through–they responded by telling me to try another web address that resulted in the same rejection.

    1. I got an error message when I tried to register. Even though my mom and dad were able to successfully register. I got an error to email generalsupport@trialpay.com but I did and they had me try to use a different URL but it still didn’t work. That was several days ago and then they never emailed me again.

      I got this error message below:

      “We’re sorry, there was an issue registering your card at this time. Please try again or contact us at generalsupport@trialpay.com if this issue persists.”

      It seems like it’s not Chase that is administering this program but a company called TrialPay. I hope they solve this soon.

  2. The variation in experience with this offer is really interesting! I received an error message every time while trying to sign up 2 days in a row, so I sent an e-mail to the address listed in the error message. No alternate website offered, no luck signing up, no explanation.

  3. I didn’t try registering at first because I’m out of the country at the moment, but I just clicked the link after reading your post and got a message that it’s closed (not the exact word used, I don’t believe, but something to that effect). I will follow up when I get home because that doesn’t comport with my reading of the offer.

  4. Jim F- I still haven’t heard back from my e-mail. The Hyatt Twitter team said the offer should still work but have no control over sign-ups.

    MFK- I am also out of the country and thought that it might have caused the issue.

    HeavenlyJane- Others have signed up since I wrote my post or I’d assume that too.

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