American Airlines Loses Golf Clubs, Golfer Withdraws from US Open Qualifier

American Airlines
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On one of my first trips to Europe I had the unfortunate problem of my bag not showing up with my flight. While my friend and I did receive our bags later that evening, it was an inconvenience to walk up the Eiffel Tower feeling dirty and in not so comfortable footwear.

Golfer Michael Buttacavoli had a much bigger issue when American Airlines made a big mistake.

The golfer flew into Florida to play at the Jupiter Hills Golf Club for a US Open qualifier. The problem was that his golf clubs didn’t make the trip!

Buttacavoli’s golf bag had priority tags on it but American Airlines couldn’t find it so the golfer decided to withdraw from the tournament. (I’m no golf expert, I’m not even a fan but I wondered why Buttacavoli couldn’t just play with another set of clubs.)

Yahoo posted an article about the unfortunate situation along with a series of tweets from the golfer and the airline.

AA’s Twitter team asked the golfer to send the bag tag number in a DM (direct message) but Buttacavoli was pissed. He mentioned that a missing bag report had already been filed and he’d already withdrawn from the tournament.

AA apologized and said they didn’t plan for the bag to get lost. The golfer seemed to get more upset. He tweeted, “Priority tags r meaningless. Told u 100 times. Stop apologizing. Don’t need sympathy or u to be PC. Just do better. U have yet to show that.”

I wonder if American Airlines will offer some sort of compensation. If they do, I doubt Buttacavoli will be satisfied…

Find out more about the story from Yahoo here.

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