Does Air Koryo Serve the Worst Airline Meal?

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I’ve read many times that Air Koryo, the state owned carrier of North Korea is the world’s worst airline. I can’t comment on this based on experience but Skytrax gave the airline only one star.

If an airline is considered the worst in the world, then how might the food offered on board be? Gourmet,  probably not..

The New York Post says that the meal served by Air Koryo has passengers “reaching for the barf bag.” Doesn’t that sound tasty?

I found it funny to read that the airline only serves one kind of meal- a burger! Couldn’t the airline come up with a Korean dish to serve?

The burger  “comes on a stale bun, topped with processed cheese, a sad sprinkling of cabbage or a lone lettuce leaf and a runny sauce that is as mysterious as the patty.”

The Post share the opinions of a few people that have tried the Air Koryo burger. Not to surprisingly, most do not have nice things to say about the airline’s food offerings.

Considering how much I love burgers, I would definitely be interested in trying the Air Koryo burger. I’d like to see for myself just how bad (or good) it is! Would you?

Find out more from the New York Post here.

FYI- image above is not an Air Koryo meal.

3 thoughts on “Does Air Koryo Serve the Worst Airline Meal?

  1. I had a sandwich on board. No burger. But I flew Air Koryo business class. That was really awesome. And also the large suite at the hotel. More on my site (not promoting it here)

  2. Eat your goopy burger with great gusto and celebrate that you’ve escaped that freakzone of a place.

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