How I Used My City National Bank $250 Airline Fee Credit

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With 2016 about to come to a close, the annual airline fee credits that some credit cards offer annually should’ve been redeemed by now.

I took care of the $200 credit that comes with the American Express Platinum card a few months back. This left me with one other card.

I got approved for the City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite credit card in late 2015. The card comes with a very nice $250 airline incidental fees statement credit.

(The credit is also available to authorized users. However after an annoying sign up process I gave up on having Kim added. Big mistake on my part which cost me an additional $250 in statement credits.)

While many of us like to use these kinds of credits for airline gift cards, the terms do state that gift cards do not qualify as qualifying airline purchases. Regardless of this, last year I was able to get credited back for gift card purchases!

This time around I got lazy and put off using the $250 airline incidentals fee statement credit. Around October I was ready to buy a gift card. Then I read some conflicting  reports about whether or not these purchases would still trigger the statement credit.

I waited and forgot, putting it off a bit longer. I then e-mailed a couple of knowledgeable bloggers who deal quite a bit with credit card offers like this. Neither were sure what would qualify for the City National Bank credit.

I debated about what to do before deciding to take a chance and purchase a $50 American Airline gift card.

Sure enough, around 5 days after the transaction post date, a travel fee rebate appeared in my account! Score! Gift cards still did work!

I then purchased two $100 American Airlines gift cards, waiting to buy the last one right after the fee credit showed in my City National Bank account.

Do you have the City National Bank Visa Infinite credit card? If so, how did you use your airline incidental fee credit?

6 thoughts on “How I Used My City National Bank $250 Airline Fee Credit

  1. Can you update if you happen to make any transactions on January 1st? I’m seeing so many conflicting datapoints on FlyerTalk.

  2. Ramzi- I’m pretty sure you need to apply at a City National Bank location.

    Jon- I don’t have the exact dates at the moment but from what I recall, it took 4-7 days for the credits to post.

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