LaGuardia Airport Locked Down for 20 Minutes

LaGuardia Airport

Traffic at New York’s LaGuardia Airport has been a mess due to construction going on to (hopefully) bring the facility up to par with airports around the world.

There have been delays getting into and when departing LGA. It’s also been a pain when you try to find your Uber since there is less space for cars to pullover.

According to Gothamist,  a JetBlue security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport was briefly put on lockdown at Terminal B. The lockdown took place for around 20 minutes due to a couple of people going through an exit into the terminal. By doing so, they “completely” bypassed security.

The TSA said that the two walked past clearly marked signs showing that the area was off limits. Both of them “were rushed out of the typically secure area within 20 seconds“.

The situation took place yesterday morning (August 22) at around 8:45 AM. The lockdown caused a 30 minute wait for the security lines to get going which caused some long lines (and I’m guessing many frustrated flyers…).

The age and gender of the two that bypassed security were not identified. I was more curious to find out if it was a language issue which caused them to not be able to read the signs showing the area to be off-limits.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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