An Amazing Deal for 100th Anniversary of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

cars parked cars on a streetMany of you are probably familiar with Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, available around the United States and even at some international locations.

Their hot dogs are available at supermarkets and retail locations- both stand alone and in  sports stadiums, malls, theme parks and more.

You might also know Nathan’s due to their famous Hot Dog Eating Contest which takes place each year at the original location in Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY on July 4. (I’ve gone a few times since we live close by.)a sign on a poleOn May 28th, Nathan’s celebrated its 100th anniversary. To thank their fans, they rolled back their prices to match what they charged back in 1916. From 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM, each customer was allowed to buy hot dogs for .05¢ a piece with a limit of up to 2 per person.

Kim, Lucas and I used this as a good excuse to go to Coney Island which is around a 15 minute drive from home.

a certificate and a paper on a tableOnce we arrived, I saw that Participation Certificates and 100th Anniversary hats were being given out to customers waiting on the long lines. (The lines were very long  but the event was well-organized.)

After waiting for around 30 minutes, I made it to the front of the line and it was time to order.

So how good of a deal was this?

a menu of hot dogsNathan’s Hot Dogs sell for $4.25 but with this special 100th Anniversary offer, they were available for just .05¢. With this offer, if allowed, I could’ve bought 85 hot dogs for the regular price of one!

two plates of hot dogsHowever, since there were limits, I ordered 6 hot dogs which came to .33¢ with tax!

Lucas wasn’t in the mood for a hot dog nor was Kim (besides a bite or two). I didn’t mind since the hot dogs reheat well and made for a nice meal even a couple of days later!

a man holding a child in his armsAfter we ate, Lucas and I took a picture with Nathan’s Famous mascot, Frankster!

So was it worth the wait?

I’d say a definite yes! Although I didn’t need to buy six hot dogs, I did save $25.20+ in doing so! It was also a great reason to head over to Coney Island where Lucas loves going on the kiddie rides at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

Would you go out of your way for .05¢ hot dogs? Based on the crowds, many people did!

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