Woman Gets Lifetime Ban from British Airways

British Airways
image: Aero Shots

British Airways gave one woman a lifetime ban for something she says she did not do.

33 year-old Bridget Nhire was flying from London to Dubai when she got into an argument with another passenger. The other passenger claims that Nhire got up too many times during the flight!

Nhire was handcuffed and escorted off of the plane.

While Nhire claims she did nothing wrong, other passengers say otherwise. The claim that she was intoxicated, made racist remarks to crew and got up from her seat 20+ times, yelling and trying to get into the cockpit.

Nhire says that she got up three times and had two glasses of wine with her meal.

The plane almost made an emergency landing in Iran and Nhire was “strapped to her seat and accompanied by a security guard for the remaining 90 minutes of the flight,” according to Travel + Leisure.

The Dubai police escorted her to the police station where she stayed for 5 hours but no charges were brought against her. However, she was told of her lifetime ban which started immediately.

When she tried to return home on a British Airways flight she found out that her ticket had been cancelled. Nhire “is now demanding the airline pay $500 for leaving her stranded“.

For people banned from British Airways, refunds are issued for future flights. Customers also have the right to appeal.

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