Time To Reserve Your American Airlines Business Class Meal

American Airlines Business Class

I recently wrote about how Lucas and I were heading off on our first Father Son Trip.

This trip is bound to be an interesting adventure but we’ll be flying in style in business class! (Check out my Poland Trip Planning post here.)

On the way to Poland we flew in AA Business Class. (On the way home, we’re flying with Air Berlin.) A couple of weeks before the flight I received an e-mail from AA that “It’s time to reserve your entree“.

I actually like to decide during a flight what I’d like to eat since one day I might be in the mood for a particular dish but not really want that same item if choosing it in the future.

However, I decided to check the feature out and reserve my entree. (I didn’t reserve one for Lucas since nothing really sounded so great for him.)

Here is how you reserve your meal:

I clicked a button in the e-mail which says Reserve your entree (it’s located in a blue rectangular box.) This brought me over to AA.com to the “Your Trip” screen.

I then scrolled down just past the flight details and saw this:

American Airlines Business Class

You can reserve your meal starting at 30 days before your flight, up until 24 hours before.

After hitting the place your order link I was given 5 options. I could choose later or select one of the four menu items.

Here were my choices:

American Airlines Business Class

Besides these meals, other options include:

  • Diabetic Meal
  • Gluten Free Meal
  • Kosher Meal
  • Muslim Meal
  • Vegetarian Meal

I found it interesting that no kids meal option was available. Are kids not considered when thinking of menu options? (None of the options seem to be a good choice for Lucas so I decided to wait and see if we can get him a kids meal while onboard.)

So what did I choose?

I decided to go with the Grilled Beef Filet. The steak sounds tasty and the blue cheese potatoes sound like a side that I’ll enjoy. Hopefully, I can just push the spinach and mushrooms off to the side since they aren’t things that I’d eat!

Which menu item would you choose if you were flying on this flight?

Do you usually pre-select a meal when given the option to or do you prefer to wait to decide until you’re on the flight?

2 thoughts on “Time To Reserve Your American Airlines Business Class Meal

  1. The beef is very often overcooked. The tilapia is the best of the lot. Chicken is safe if you don’t like fish. Order the pasta for your kid.

  2. Dom- I found the beef to be pretty solid for airline food. I did end up ordering the pasta for him which was very good once we removed the mushrooms on top. We were ready to order my son the chicken but the FA said it was a bit spicy?

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