Did You Close Amex Card In Hopes of Getting JetBlue Barclaycard Bonus?

JetBlue Barclaycard

When it was announced that current American Express JetBlue credit card holders would have their card transferred to the new JetBlue Barclaycard, I told Kim that she had to close her card ASAP.

I originally figured that American Express would want to transfer her card to another one of their products and was a bit surprised to hear what would be happening.

Kim, Lucas and I currently have a JetBlue Family Pooling account with a not so impressive account balance. I’ve been thinking about what I should do with 100k Membership Rewards points. My top option was to transfer the points to JetBlue. I decided to do nothing initially but I’m close to needing to make a decision again. I’ll most likely transfer my points to JetBlue in the next few days…

As you can probably figure out, I’m trying to build up our JetBlue account a bit to give us the option to fly to some of their international destinations like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti and Saint Lucia.

If Kim’s Amex JetBlue card was transferred over to the Barclays  version, there would be no bonus to earn. The new JetBlue Barclaycard offers seem pretty decent. Two of the cards (Plus & Business) are offering 30,000 bonus points for spending $1,000 in 90 days.

My guess is that if Kim’s current JetBlue card, which she rarely uses became a Barclaycard, she would not be able to apply for a second one to get the bonus.

The best option was to close her American Express card and apply for the new JetBlue card in the near future.

Kim called up Amex and closed her account. She also asked the rep if her info was already sent to Barclays and if she’d be receiving that new product. The rep told her no so it seems that she called in time to avoid the card be transferred over to the new version!

The plan now is for myself to apply for the JetBlue Plus card soon. Kim will then do so after me. We’ll then both try to get the JetBlue Business cards. If all goes according to plan, we’ll then have a Family Pooling balance of over 200,000 JetBlue points. That should be enough for some pretty solid redemptions!

Do you currently (or did you recently) have the JetBlue American Express card? If so, do you plan to cancel it before it becomes a Barclaycard so you can earn the bonus once again?

I’d definitely recommend that you do!

(FYI-New cards can be activated starting March 21 so you don’t have much time left to act if you’re planning to cancel.)

9 thoughts on “Did You Close Amex Card In Hopes of Getting JetBlue Barclaycard Bonus?

  1. My JetBlue AMEX was closed, but, I received an email from Barckays that my new JetBlue card would be arriving soon. I closed it a few months ago. Maybe Amex gave the info a while back?

  2. I closed my Amex Jetblue card in January with the intentions of opening a new account when Barclays took over.

    I tried applying on the Barclay’s website and it wouldn’t let me saying I already have the card coming. I have called Barclay’s customer service and they don’t seem to know a thing except that the portfolio had been sent by Amex a while back.

    From all correspondence I am receiving via mail and email, it seems they are going to issue me a card no matter what I do.

    Interested in hearing if anyone else has a clue what is going on?

  3. I closed mine last week. Will probably apply for the Barclay’s card when I have a more pressing need for JetBlue points, but didn’t think the “retention” of $100 companion ticket was worth keeping it.

  4. I closed mine back in early February, about a week after they announced my Jetblue Amex was being transitioned to Barclay. I waited a week because I was hoping Amex would let me switch that Jetblue card over to a blue cash or other fee-free Amex, but that didn’t happen. It’s weird that Amex didn’t allow me to remain a member with them through that account, especially since I was the one calling them and they did nothing to keep my business. Although, I do understand they’re desperately trying to increase revenues by selling their Jetblue account book to Barclay.

    I’m curious whether I (and everyone else who had a Jetblue Amex) will actually qualify for the bonus with Barclay. I know you said the agent told you your information wasn’t transferred, but I keep getting mailers from Barclay letting me know my new card is on its way.

  5. Cancelled my Jetblue a month ago, but I received the new Barclaycard Jetblue in the mail today – Doesn’t look like the cancellation really mattered..

  6. Jason- I’m thinking they did too although Kim was told her info was not forwarded…

    Bill- Not sure anyone knows exactly what is going on but it appears as if Amex sent current JetBlue cardholder info a while back.

    Nadine- Sounds like a good plan.

    Travis- I am thinking that the agent Kim spoke to didn’t know what he/ she was talking about…

    Jeremy- It sure does appear that way. Not good.

    Rich- It’s not right since most did not consent to this.

  7. I too closed our account but received the new card. Look forward to hearing some success stories that people can still apply for new JetBlue card.

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