Amex Closed, JetBlue Barclaycard Delivered- Still Hope for the Signup Bonus?

JetBlue Barclaycard

Yesterday I wrote a post wondering if you closed your Amex card in hopes of getting a JetBlue Barclaycard bonus.

While I didn’t recently have the American Express JetBlue card, Kim did. I had her close the card in hopes that she would qualify for a signup bonus for the Barclaycard version rather than just have it converted over (from Amex).

When Kim closed her card, she asked the rep if her info was already sent to Barclays and if she’d be receiving that new product. The rep had told her no.

All seemed good in terms of her applying for a JetBlue Barclaycard but now I’m not so sure…

There were some comments in my post from readers stating:

  • They had closed their Amex JetBlue card but still received mailers from Barclaycard about the new JetBlue card arriving soon.
  • Another reader closed his card in January and tried to apply for the Barclaycard. He wasn’t allowed to apply and the site said he already had the card coming.
  • A couple of readers closed their Amex cards a while back but the new card arrived yesterday (March 14).

So what does this mean for Kim’s situation?

When I got home from work last night I checked the mail. Right away I felt a credit card through an envelope and saw that it was for Kim. This wasn’t a good sign. Kim hasn’t applied for a new card in a while so I knew it had to be the JetBlue Barclaycard.

Sure enough she opened the envelope and saw a shiny new JetBlue card with a sticker on front stating that it could be activated starting March 21 at 6:00 am.

Here is where it’s confusing:

While Kim did receive the new card (as did many of you from what it sounds), she did cancel her American Express JetBlue card.

You’re wondering why this matters, right? Well, according to the terms located on the most recent mailer from Barclays as well as the back of the paper the new credit card is attached to,

Your account must remain open, in good standing and in an eligible status as of March 18, 2016 to be transferred to Barclaycard“.

Based on these terms, it seems that Barclays jumped the gun and wasted a bit of money printing and mailing new credit cards for any Amex JetBlue card holder that closed their account prior to March 18.

I hope that what I’m reading is accurate and that Kim (and all of you in the same situation) qualify for a signup bonus for the new JetBlue card.

The Plan:

I think it’s best to wait a little while to see how this plays out and not apply for the JetBlue Barclaycard just yet. I’m going to have Kim call the customer service # on the back of the new card to see if her account is active. Hopefully due to her Amex account be closed prior to March 18 they’ll say that the account could not be transferred.

But will Kim qualify for a bonus if she applies for the card in the future? Who knows!

If you cancelled your Amex JetBlue card and received a Barclaycard version, what are you planning to do? If you call in to try to figure out what’s going on, please share the info you find out!

5 thoughts on “Amex Closed, JetBlue Barclaycard Delivered- Still Hope for the Signup Bonus?

  1. Michael,

    I am in the same boat as you.

    Please keep me/us updated as to what you end up doing and your out come. I will do the same.


  2. I closed my AMEX JetBlue credit card on 2/6/16 and still received Barclaycard JetBlue MasterCard on 3/14/16. I called Barclaycard and was told to destroy the card without activating it.

  3. I’m in the same boat. I even tried applying for the new card last week and received a message saying I was could not apply because I was already an active AMEX cardholder (I canceled December 2015). I’ve been given the runaround from all three involved companies: JetBlue, AMEX, and Barclaycard. I too think its best to wait a little and see what happens.

    For the person who was told to destroy their card, did a rep at barclaycard tell you if you’d be able to apply for the new card. Will you be eligible for the bonus?

  4. Bill- Sounds like a plan!

    Isac- I’d wait a bit and then try to apply.

    A- Definitely best to wait for now. I doubt a rep would have that info at the moment but I also wondered if Isac asked!

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