American Airlines Makes Lucas A Special Crewmember

American Airlines

Leading up to our recent trip to Toronto, many frustrating things took place.

We were supposed to leave for our trip just to find out that due to a screw-up by British Airways, our flight wasn’t actually booked! We got things sorted out and took the trip a week later. However, I’m still waiting for 40,500 Avios + $143.79 to be refunded.

The following week we ran into some more bad luck. Our flight was cancelled. We were booked in biz but had to fly coach the following day. I wondered if we were owed compensation. On a positive note, Marriott customer service impressed and I didn’t lose a free night certificate. Find out if AA gave us compensation for being moved from biz to coach.

Our visit was pretty brief due to our flight cancellation as well as our flight the following day being delayed a couple of hours. As brief as our visit was, we still had a good time.

For our flight home, we still had our seats upfront. Although the flight is only an hour or so back to New York, it was one of the cooler flight experiences for Lucas.

Before our flight took off, Lucas had to use the bathroom. We headed up to the front, next to the cockpit. After he was done, Lucas got invited to check out the cockpit!

While the space was relatively small, it was still a lot of fun. The last time Lucas was in a cockpit was around a year and a half back when we visited the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta.

Lucas asked the pilot and first officer questions, mainly about all of the different buttons. The pilot was getting some things done but the first officer was happy to chat. We also talked about some of the places we’ve been and Lucas mentioned that Jamaica was his favorite country visited. 🙂

American Airlines

Just before taking off, one of the flight attendants was making the pre-flight safety speech.

I was actually paying attention to the speech when she said, “We have a special guest onboard today”.

I thought there might be a celebrity on the plane. (On our WestJet flight to Toronto, Kim noticed Christina Oh sitting in the seat right in front of me.)

She then mentioned that Lucas was sitting in first class!

American Airlines

Lucas, already settled in watching some shows on his iPad looked up when he heard his name! The FA then went on to say that he was a special crew member for the flight. Very cute!

American Airlines

While de-planing, Lucas made another stop at the cockpit to say goodbye to his new friends and to take one last photo!

These small experiences and good gestures made for a flight that we won’t forget!

Good job AA for family friendly customer service.

This made for a fun way to end our up and down adventure.

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