The Amazing Race Season 28 Cast Announced, Full of Social Media Stars

The Amazing Race
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The current season of The Amazing Race started at the end of September and the field has just 4 of the 11 teams remaining in contention for the $1 million prize.

I’ve enjoyed watching the season and it definitely looks like the front-runners to win are the engaged (and very cocky) couple Justin & Diana.

Even though the season isn’t over yet, the cast for Season 28 has been announced and it’s full of social media stars from sites like Instagram, Vine and Youtube.

While I can’t say that I know of any famous social media accounts, I still thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the cast.

Here are the 11 teams that will be on Season 28 of The Amazing Race.

  1. Erin White Robinson & Joslyn Davis: Best Friends- Youtube hosts for a popular news and entertainment channel- Clever.
  2. Darius & Cameron Benson: Brothers- Got popular doing crazy stunts on Vine.
  3. Zach & Rachel King: Newlyweds- Zach has over 3.7million followers and is known as the Magic Viner.
  4. Dana Boriello & Matt Steffanina: Dating- Pro dancers and Youtubers.
  5. Marty Cobb & Hagan Parkman: Mother & Daughter- Their flight attendant demonstration video went viral on Youtube with over 22 million views.
  6. Kurt Gibson & Brodie Smith: Pro Frisbee players- seen on Youtube.
  7. Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl: Best Friends- Tyler is a well-known Youtube personality and together they co-host an award-winning podcast- Psychobabble.
  8. Jessica Versteeg & Brittany Oldehoff: Best Friends- Instagram models with over 60K followers.
  9. Burnie Burns & Ashley Jenkins: Dating- Burnie runs Rooster Teeth, a gaming site on YouTube and Ashley is a co-host for it.
  10. Scott & Blair Fowler: Father & Daughter- Blair posts beauty & fashion videos on Youtube and has 1.7 million subscribers.
  11. Sheri & Cole LaBrant: Mother & Son- Cole “is a teen heartthrob on Vine“.

What do you think of The Amazing Race’s idea to cast a season full of social media stars? I’m hoping that it makes for some interesting competition (& televison) but I definitely like seeing a variety of teams from different walks of life competing in the race each year.

Find out more about the cast here.

7 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Season 28 Cast Announced, Full of Social Media Stars

  1. They have a way of making previews misleading. I’m just thinking all it takes is one chance to roadblock them, and that chance will be taken advantage of.

  2. Carl P- Previews can definitely be misleading! J & D do deserve to win but I don’t find them likeable at all (maybe it’s their cockiness) and would like to see someone else sneak ahead and win!

  3. Nice! I was traveling in Cartagena, Colombia last week and came across these teams filming for next season. It will be the first time the Amazing Race has ever ventured to the country of Colombia 🙂

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