Kuwait Air Discriminated, $75K Hotel Room, 101 Best Pizzas, Southwest Offers Hamster-Sitting, Bourdain Food Hall, 24 Hours in Qatar & more- The Rehash!


Last week, Kim, Lucas and I got back from our most recent trip- Grenada. We had a really great (but short) time and I made it to my 70th country visited! At the moment we have no future flights booked. Hopefully this will change soon.

Our next little trip will be this coming weekend, when we head to Philadelphia. This is one of the trips we booked due to the Club Carlson second night free benefit ending. I’m looking forward to checking out the Radisson Blu Warick.

I recently applied for two credit cards although I’m not feeling confident about hearing back about one of them. (Rene’s Points recently wrote about a fantastic offer from a bank that most of us have probably never heard of before.)

And now its time to take a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call, The Rehash!

Kim and I are big fans of food halls but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit long for one of the most highly anticipated halls in the works. Anthony Bourdain’s NYC food hall to open in 2017.

Check out a great list of one of my favorite foods- The Daily Meal’s 101 best pizzas in America 2015.

I’d love to know how many nights per year this room gets booked… World’s most expensive hotel room, $75,000 per night.

One of the most awesome pizza events is coming up in a couple of days. NYC’s biggest pizza party, Slice Out Hunger returns October 7.

This is what I thought when I first read about a similar case. US Says Kuwait Airways discriminated.

Find out how we spent 24 hours in Doha, Qatar during our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States.

We’re really looking forward to this. Spend Halloween in NYC at the Museum of Natural History.

Great customer service gets even better as Southwest now offering hamster-sitting service.

As of yesterday afternoon, JetBlue’s schedule extended until June 2016.

Our travel day to Grenada was an intersting one with Switched flights & a broken stroller, thanks American Airlines.

Did anyone check out Samantha Brown’s new show on Travel Channel debuted last night.

If you’ll be flying Southwest in the next couple of months, find out about New Southwest drink options and free drink dates. Cheers!

That’s all I’ve got! Hope you all have a great week…

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‘Til next time!

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