Stupid News: Man Dressed As Bear Harasses 3 Feeding Bears

Stupid News
Lucas wouldn’t bother a bear…

Over the past week a grizzly that killed a hiker in Yellowstone has gotten a lot of press.

I had an interesting question about bear attacks in the wild. Then I wrote about the Yellowstone grizzly that killed a hiker being put down.

I’m still debating if it was fair for a bear living in the wild to have to be put down due to coming into contact with a person. It really is a tough call and I could see both sides to the argument.

Well here is a new story about man interacting with wild bears. If it ended badly for this guy, I’d sure hope the bears wouldn’t have to lose their lives….

I’d probably register this story under stupid news but I think it would be more fitting to call it things stupid humans do…

According to Lonely Planet, Alaska Fish & Game officials are looking for a man that dressed as a bear and then harassed three bears near Haines, Alaska.

The man, dressed in “a fairly realistic bear costume” according to Alaska Dispatch News, ran towards three bears, a sow and her two cubs as they were feeding on salmon.

A crowd has been gathering at the spot to watch the bears when they saw the man get way too close to the animals. According to reports, he got within 10 feet of the bears, that’s definitely too close for comfort if you ask me.

A Fish & Game technician moved the bears out of the way and tried to talk to the man. (I’m curious to hear how he moved the bears.)

The man wouldn’t identify himself and then drove off without removing his costume.

The car’s license plate number was taken down and the incident was reported to state troopers who are now investigating.

Hopefully they find and lock up this nut in the looney bin before he gets himself seriously injured of killed by a bear, then potentially putting the bears’ lives at risk.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here and Alaska Dispatch News here.

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