SPG New Credit Card Benefits + Increased 30K Signup Offers

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Back in early June I wondered, Is the SPG Credit Card $30 Fee Increase Worth the Perks?

I felt that a solid amount of benefits were being added for the increased fee. However, they added no actual monetary value to the card. In other words, while the benefits are nice, I wouldn’t pay to have any of them.

Well today the new benefits went live and with it came an increase in the sign-up bonus for both the personal and business SPG Amex credit cards. So, if you’ve been thinking of applying for the personal and/ or business SPG credit card, now is the time to do it.

The New Benefits:SPG(You can find out more details about the new benefits here.)

In addition to the three new benefits listed above, the Business SPG card also now includes access to the Sheraton Club. This can be a money saver since the club includes breakfast and appetizers/ drinks in the evening.

Along with these benefits, the card also has an “enhanced new card design” according to a press release which I was sent. (Both of my SPG cards are still the old burgundy color with the silver border around it and I’m guessing if you have the card, yours is too.)

Higher Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus Offer:

The SPG American Express cards (personal & business) typically come with a 25,000 points bonus to new cardholders.

Now for a limited time, the sign up bonus offer has been increased to 30,000 points!

The last time I applied for these cards was in 2013. I originally got 25K points with my business card but got the additional 5K points after sending a secure message to Amex about the increase. I got the personal card with the 30K offer too.

I still have both of my SPG cards since I’ve received retention offers that have covered the annual fees. Check out my most recent SPG Business card retention offer here.

Again, if the SPG credit card is one that you’ve been thinking of applying for, now is the time to do it. Why settle for a 25K bonus when you can currently get an additional 5K points!

The credit card is a favorite to many due to the fact that when you transfer points to an airline, 20,000 points gets you a bonus of 5,000 points for a total of 25,000 airline miles.

Another great benefit of SPG points is the stay 5, pay 4 offer. When you book a stay of 5 nights with points you only pay for 4. That’s a pretty solid discount! When we visited Malta in 2014 we stayed at the Le Meridien St Julians. The hotel wasn’t perfect but was still a great deal. Check out my review here.

To earn the bonus offer of 30,000 Starpoints, you’ll need to make $3,000 in purchases in 3 months.

While you can apply directly from American Express for this offer, I can send you a referral link where I can earn 5,000 Starpoints for each approved referral.

If you’d like for me to send you a referral, you can e-mail me at michaelwtravels.com.

Thanks in advance for supporting my blog and good luck with getting that card approval!

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