Plagiarism, SNL Ticket Lottery, Delta Hunting Trophies Ban, Falcon Passports, French Beach Reopens, America’s 75 Top Hot Dogs & More- The Rehash!


One week from tomorrow we head off on our last trip of the summer. Our first stop will be Abu Dhabi. From there we’ll visit three more countries before heading back to the UAE to visit more of the country.

Our trip planning is coming along nicely but we still have a hotel or two to book along with possibly getting a rental car for one of our stops. Decisions, decisions…

It’s been a bit of a strange week over here after being wrongfully accused of something I did not do. My response would be Plagiarism, I don’t think so

Now it’s time to take a look at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

A couple of weeks back there was outrage due to a royal visitor to a French beach area. After the Saudi king left the French Riviera early, a closed beach reopens.

After all of the attention caused by the killing of Cecil the Lion, Delta Airlines banned the transport of hunting trophies. It looks like at least Delta got this right.

United Airlines is in NYC’s Penn Station. An interesting idea to offer customer service at a busy transportation hub.

If you like hot dogs, you’ll want to check out this list- Daily Meal’s 75 Best Hot Dogs in America 2015.

This is pretty cool if you are in the New York area or will be visiting. The Saturday Night Live Ticket Lottery is Open for 2015-16 season. And while on the topic of the show, there are Discounted tix for the SNL exhibition in NYC.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these. Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #11: Slang- Gothenburg, Sweden. If you have a funny sign you’ve come across that you would like to share, please send them to

Back in March, Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash. Now, months later, the star actor’s plane crash cause was reported.

Think you know all these is to know about NYC? Think again. Seeing a different side of NY with BQE Tours.

Interesting stuff- In the UAE, falcons get passports.

That’s all I’ve got! Hope you all have a great week…

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3 thoughts on “Plagiarism, SNL Ticket Lottery, Delta Hunting Trophies Ban, Falcon Passports, French Beach Reopens, America’s 75 Top Hot Dogs & More- The Rehash!

  1. I am unsure why you feel that Delta banning the transport of hunting trophies was “right”.

    I understand hunting is not for everyone, but as of now it is a legal activity.

    Some may not like it, but it is under no uncertain terms legal in many counties including the USA and Zimbabwe.

    This is a strange step to ban something from transport that was and is legal in its taking.

    Are the airlines prepared to make the same move on other things regardless of their legality?

    Why is it ok to have luggage full of clothes made in factories liken to forced labor camps that in many cases break or skirt child labor laws?

    Why is it ok to have that luggage contain cosmetics or pharmaceuticals that have been tested on animal subjects?

    To me it’s not that huge a deal, as anyone that has hinted in Africa knows that you cannot “shoot a lion and pack him in his suitcase” and fit it home.

    It takes months to nearly a year for the trophy shipment to work it’s way through all the appropriate governmental agencies and to be signed off.

    Ethics are for debate, you can disagree with my ethics, but when hunting is done right it is legal. That is not open to debate.

    The whole lion story has to play out. We don’t know what happens yet but have already convicted the 3 involved in public opinion and now airlines are changing policy based on reports and rumors.

    Why punish the people that go out of their way to do thing the right way, the best they can and all within the legal means of hunting because someone “MAY” have illegally killed a lion.

    I am for a ban on the transport of all “illegally” hunted game animals!

  2. Bob- Thanks for the comment. I think you make some great points here.

    I feel that Delta was right to ban the shipment of game trophies because I’d rather see the animals in the wild for many to view & enjoy rather than on the walls of someone’s home. I’d also assume that if it is harder to transport the trophies home, then maybe it would stop people from going on these hunts. However, that is my personal feelings and might not be correct.

    When it comes to airlines changing policies, I totally see your points. You definitely make a valid argument as to why the policies shouldn’t change unless were talking about illegally hunted animals.

    1. Thanks for the kind response… As a hunter I usually am torn into as the prototypical killing type.

      I love Kruger Park and Etosha National and many other protected areas as much as I love the elk refuge in Jackson.

      But the problem with the game reserves and photo tourism Safaris is they are in the best places to be made accessible to as many people as can get there.

      Where hunting, most hunting I should say as I will only speak in general terms of my trips, are done in areas that would not support a photo or green safari.

      They don’t have the ecosysytems to support enough game for someone with a camera to enjoy or pay to support.

      As bad as it sounds, it all comes down to money. None of the parks or reserves would survive if they didn’t have value. They do, and it is in the game that is available there.

      Not all places can support the game that is available in those parks. Without valye, the game outside the parks will cease to exist.

      The game ranches, some will try photo Safaris but the majority will go back to some form of row cropping and when that happens game becomes a pest or nuicense and will be indescriminantly killed to protect the farmers means to a living.

      Not arguing, just trying to show that there can be differences of opinions without it rising to crazed screaming on both sides.

      My biggest point was, delta just made a policy change banning something legal.

      How is that good?

      What happens when they ban the next thing that you like and enjoy that is legal but some others don’t like and pressured Delta into.

      Be careful the slope you enjoy sliding down as someday it may include something you didn’t intend…

      Also, thanks for not letting this turn into a sreaming match where both sides ideas are drowned out by the noise.

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