Is Staying At Lux NYC Hotel Due To Deal Worth It?

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel
image: Omni Hotels

On September 18, 2014 I was on a flight to Las Vegas for the BoardingArea Conference aka BAcon. While connected through Gogo, I came across a price mistake for the Omni Berkshire Place hotel, located in midtown Manhattan on Dan’s Deals.

Upon quick inspection, the hotel looked pretty amazing. While I don’t have a real need to spend a night at a hotel in NYC, I figured why not- especially when the price was so great!

I booked one random Sunday night since I couldn’t find much else available. I then kept searching and thought I found a better option, my wedding anniversary. As I was in the middle of booking this second stay the Omni website stopped working! (The issue could’ve also been the internet connection but I’m pretty sure that others said the deal went away pretty fast.)

Either way, I was happy to get one stay booked at this amazing price and if we changed our mind, it could always be cancelled up until a couple of days prior to our stay.Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

The price mistake had Berkshire Suites going for just $49 per night. When you add in tax, it comes to a total of $61.73, definitely a small price to pay for this kind of hotel.

Room Features:

  • 445 sq/ft room
  • Multiple flat screen televisions available
  • Luxurious Italian marble and granite bathroom
  • Separate living room with sofa bed

I decided to see what it cost to book the room the night before our stay. I couldn’t believe the cost for the same room that we got for less than $62 with tax.

The cheapest price at for a Berkshire Suite was $368.10!

Wow- so this mistake means the room priced at a discount of over $300! (I’m actually pretty sure that rooms were a bit cheaper during the time the mistake booking took place.)

Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

So what do you think? Did I waste $61.73 spending a night at the Omni Berkshire in a suite or did I get a really sweet deal?

I think it was fun to check out the property, especially since it is one that I’d never pay to stay at. Well except for this mistake pricing! (We also enjoyed playing tourist in NYC for a day!)

Check out the Omni Berkshire Place here.

4 thoughts on “Is Staying At Lux NYC Hotel Due To Deal Worth It?

    1. I did, although unfortunately I found it too hot in June already. Some days were stifling…I enjoy visiting NYC in October more. I think this is the best deal I have taken advantage of though. During check in we witnessed a rather ugly scene between a manager and a hotel guest and got complimentary breakfast vouchers as a result of that.

  1. Ivan- It can be hot in the summer! I’d say that late spring/ fall are the best times to visit. Sounds like the ugly scene (as long as nobody was hurt) was worth it if it got you free breakfast!

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