Driver w/ Uber Sign In Car Window Sexually Assaults Woman

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Does seeing a Uber sign in a car’s window make you trust the driver?

If you’ve requested a ride through the Uber app it’s probably safe to say that the car is legit. Once you request a ride you will know what color and the make of car coming to pick you up, along with a photo of the driver and his/ her name.

However, if you happen to see cars with a Uber sign trying to accept customers that didn’t request a ride through the app it might be a scam.

A 28-year-old woman not so familiar with how Uber works, claims to have gotten into a car with a Uber sign in the passenger side window. The driver agreed to take cash for the ride which is against Uber’s policies in NYC.

The woman was having drinks at the Standard High Line in Chelsea, NYC in late March.

There were no yellow cabs available and she saw others going up to a car asking if they could pay by credit card. The driver said he could only take cash and since she had some on her, she got in to get to her next destination.

The driver told her to sit in the front and then asked her for a cigarette. Soon after he started telling the woman how beautiful she was and starting touching her once the car was moving.

She said that she tried to push him away but wasn’t going to jump out of a moving car. He continued to say that he wanted to sleep with her and then moved in for a kiss.

He wanted $30 for the ride but said “Yeah, you don’t have to pay if you give me other services” according to Gothamist.

She paid him and got out of the car ASAP. As the car drove away she tried to remember the license plate number and wrote it down in her iPhone.

After getting dropped off by friends, she told them what had just happened and decided to report the incident to the police two days later.

It turns out that the license plate # she wrote down did not match any registered vehicles.

She hasn’t heard back from the police and the investigation is currently ongoing.

Find out more about this incident from Gothamist here.

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2 thoughts on “Driver w/ Uber Sign In Car Window Sexually Assaults Woman

  1. You really thought this was important enough to be your blog post for the day? This was some random car with some random guy who made a pass at some random woman who doesn’t understand Uber. Who cares? Stuff happens! I’m guessing you posted it because it generates click-throughs by people who think it might have to do with Uber. However, your posting this will make me and likely others question your ability to provide useful travel news and, in the long run, could provide less traffic to your blog.

  2. Jon- Thanks for the comment. This was one of my posts for the day, not the post of the day… And yes, I did think it was important to write about or I wouldn’t have wrote the post. As for clicks- Uber posts do not generate amazing “click-throughs”, it was an interesting story that I wanted to share.

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