1 thought on “Woman Passes Out, Taken On $293 Uber Ride

  1. I take uber often (not as often as I’d like because it seems to always surge when I need it) and have had 2 bad experiences.

    They both involved drivers with a bad grasp of English originating in Manhattan. Both drivers were given instructions to take 59th bridge, Lower level.

    One ended up at the midtown tunnel with no easy pass. Subsequently got pulled over, was reamed by the Police, told he would get points on license and instructed by Police to wait for his ticket. He drove off without waiting. Didn’t understand a word of English. I took pictures of the whole debacle, which were passed onto uber. they credited the ride completely.

    Then last week, same route/instructions, driver went to upper level, then gave us a tour of Sutton Place as he wrapped around to take lower level outer. Instructed him to take Northern Blvd. He took Queens blvd. Again, bad English. After we politely pointed out to him that he is costing us extra money because of his mistakes, he drove slower and (what seemed to be purposely) tried to get yellow lights, where he would abruptly slam on breaks.

    Uber gave a $10 credit for use on a future ride. It felt like a brush-off. It didn’t cover the approximately $17 extra in fare the driver cost us. And because of their gps tracking, it was clear to see all the unnecessary loops.

    Most of the rides have been pleasant. Some extraordinary: one night I had a driver who decked out his car in mood lighting / music and hilmilayian salt lamps. Zen experience.

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