Actress Brings Knife On Plane, Tweets TSA

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Imagine being on a flight. You then remember that you forgot to take something out of your pocket and it just so happens to be a knife.

This is what happened to actress Amanda Seyfried on a flight Friday, March 14.

The actress who has been in movies like Mean Girls, Mama Mia, Dear John and Les Miserables took her Swiss Army knife on a flight by accident. The knife somehow wasn’t detected by the TSA security screeners…

This totally makes me wonder how often this kind of thing happens. The screeners seem to be pretty thorough when it comes to inspecting my sunglass case, Lucas’ stroller &  car seat and other not so dangerous items!

According to the Daily News, Seyfriend alerted the TSA when she realized the mistake.

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Seyfried tweeted: Dear TSA: This Swiss Army knife wasn’t detected through security and I unknowingly carried it onboard. Scary!

I was wondering if the TSA responded but then realized that she failed to tweet her message to @TSA!

Check out the original New York Daily News article here.

2 thoughts on “Actress Brings Knife On Plane, Tweets TSA

  1. Maybe the TSA should investigate to make an example?
    Seriously I’ve found a few minor items that made it through like small liquids in the bottom of a carry on, small pen knife, etc.

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