USA Today: 10 Memorabe Museum Sleepovers For Kids of All Ages

Invalid request error occurred.I’ve heard about museum sleepovers but never quite understood what they were all about until recently reading an article from USA Today. 

Museum sleepovers offer unique experiences which sound like a great way for kids to spend quality time with their parents and other important adults in their lives.

In the past when I’d hear about museum sleepovers, those silly Night At The Museum movies starring Ben Stiller came to mind.

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According to USA Today “you can go on undercover spy missions, discover the science of igloos, meet live baby bears and beluga whales and take flashlight tours exhibits filled with fierce dinosaurs, huge walruses, mysterious mummies and more”.

Here are 10 Memorable Museum Sleepovers from USA Today:

  • American Museum of  Natural History- New York City
  • Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Carnegie Science Center- Pittsburgh
  • Cincinnati Museum Center
  • Field Museum- Chicago
  • International Spy Museum- Washington, D.C.
  • Milwaukee Public Museum
  • National Aquarium- Baltimore
  • Saint Louis Science Center
  • SeaWorld San Diego

While these sleepovers sound like an amazing experience, the cost to take part can be pretty steep. Many of these experiences cost over $100 per person! I’d love to do one of these museum sleepovers with Lucas in a few years from now but at these prices, I’m not so sure that it would be worth it.

The Carnegie Center ($35 per person) and Cincinnati Museum ($28 per person) might be worth looking into when the time comes since we could always incorporate the museum sleepover into part of a quick trip!

What are your thoughts on museum sleepovers? If you’ve taken part in one, I’d especially love to hear about it.

Find out more about each of the museum sleepovers in the USA Today article HERE.

One thought on “USA Today: 10 Memorabe Museum Sleepovers For Kids of All Ages

  1. I slept over at the Niagara Falls Aquarium probably about 20 years ago with a group of Girl Scouts but still remember it fondly. They had special animal shows, up close touch tanks, and kept the lights on in several tanks overnight so we could watch the fish while falling asleep. I have no idea what it cost, but I do know that some of those attractions are pricey to begin with (i.e. $75 to get to Busch Gardens), so a $100 overnight doesn’t seem out of line to me, especially if it’s less crowded, there are special programs, or if breakfast/snacks are provided.

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