A Visit to Delta’s T4X in SoHo, NYC

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Last month I wrote about a unique way to experience Delta’s new Terminal 4 before it opens at a unique pop-up location in New York City called T4X.

T4X opened on May 1 and I had been wanting to stop by but hadn’t had the time. Yesterday I finally got an opportunity to check it out. I had a great time and also picked up some very nice Delta goodies, some of which I would like to share!

Just a little refresher about T4X:

  • T4X is located at 376 West Broadway at Broome Street in SoHo
  • It’s open Tuesdays- Sundays until May 22, from 11AM- 3PM
  • Preview the new T4, book a reservation, relax, enjoy $4 lunches and random giveaways.
Here is a little about my visit to Delta T4X:

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Countdown ’til opening
Delta T4X is hard to miss. It’s located in a 3 story building on the corner of West Broadway and Broome Street. As you walk by there are Delta employees outside welcoming passerby’s in.
Once you enter, the giving begins. A friendly employee was handing out 10% off Delta flight coupons and free drink vouchers.
T4X was designed beautifully and is meant to imitate what the new T4 will look like. The first floor has loads of information, a really cool vending machine (giving out small, free items), a small seating area and a mini luggage conveyor belt dispensing lunch boxes.
a blue shirt with white text and a drink and a bottle on a green surface
The Free Goods
Here is the free swag I received:
  • An American Apparel T4X T-Shirt: for showing I “like” Delta on Facebook
  • Have One On Us vouchers- good for one beer, cocktail, headset or wine split
  • 10% off coupons good for Delta flights from the NYC area
  • Delta luggage tag
  • Delta compact (mirror)
  • 3 plastic Delta wings
  • Coca Cola plastic mug
a man standing at a reception desk
Lunch Time

I was really interested in checking out the lunch conveyor belt. (Check out the short video below.) It was really neat seeing the little luggage lunch boxes come out. Lunch was free for Delta Medallions or $4 for us regular folks. I was hungry and interested in seeing what was in the box so I paid the price and went upstairs to relax and eat.

a blue box with stickers on it

There was three choices for lunch. I went with Rome which was an Italian style sandwich on focaccia bread with chicken breast, tomato and spinach (which I removed). The lunchbox also came with mini- pretzels, Biscoff cookies and a plum. There was also a fridge with drinks to choose from like water and various sodas.

a sandwich in a container
The Rome
a sandwich in a box
people sitting at a table in a restaurant

Upstairs was the Sky Club area. There was a bar section in the center of the room with a DJ playing music. To the left and the right were two nice sitting areas. When we stopped by the bar area (no drinks were being served), we were greeted by another very friendly Delta rep. She told me that she was actually a Delta Flight Attendant. We chatted about travel for a while and she handed out the Coke cups to us.

a group of people sitting in a lounge area

If you happen to be in NYC, I definitely recommend stopping by Delta T4X. You can relax and have something to eat, learn about the new T4 and get some Delta swag while there. For the last few days, I heard that Shake Shack coupons will be given out.

Find out more about T4X HERE

I’ll be giving away a Delta 10% off flight coupon as well as a Have One On Us voucher so make sure to keep checking back!

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