Louisville and Nashville- Day 1 Recap

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We’re half way through our final trip of 2012- Louisville & Nashville.

The trip has been pretty interesting so far and it’s been a busy first couple of days. We’ve visited a couple of interesting museums, toured part of the world’s longest cave, visited a few odd sites and tried out some tasty, local food.

Here is a quick recap of some of the things we did so far on our first day..
Day 1: Louisville

  • Breakfast (and dinner) at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe
  • Tour and visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
  • Stopped in at the Louisville Tourism Office and took a picture with Col. Sanders
  • Tried out the “Hot Brown” for lunch
  • Visited a few odd and quirky sites around Louisville

a store front with a horse statue

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe has been featured on many popular food-travel shows like Throwdown With Bobby Flay and Man vs Food. It’s an interesting, fun and oddly decorated place. Kim had an amazing dish, the Bourbon Ball French Toast. It was so good that I had to eat quite a few bites. Due to Lynn’s being kid friendly and serving really good food we decided to go back for dinner too!

a large baseball bat on the side of Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is the reason why I decided to add a visit to Louisville to this trip. Being a huge baseball fan, I’ve wanted to visit this museum for quite a few years. The museum did not disappoint. There are some amazing pieces of baseball memorabilia in the museum. I also loved that it wasn’t overloaded with information. The factory tour was really interesting and I enjoyed learning how baseball bats are made. The one negative- no photos allowed on the tour of the factory. Seeing the biggest baseball bat in the world outside was also pretty awesome!

a wax figure of a man wearing a santa hat and holding a bucket of chicken
I really wanted to visit the KFC Museum but it was a bit too far of a drive during this short trip. However, we did get to visit Colonel Sanders at the Louisville Visitors Center. Not the most exciting thing to do but fun regardless!
a man holding a knife and fork

I remember seeing the Brown Hotel featured on Man vs Food for their Hot Brown– an open faced turkey sandwich created there. It sounded like an interesting dish worthy of sampling. The sandwich is available all around Louisville but we had to try it where it was invented. Kim and I shared a Hot Brown. It was a tasty dish but not something I’d like to eat too frequently.

a statue of a man in front of a building

After our late lunch, we walked around and visited a few odd sites around town. The first one we had spotted on our drive to the Slugger Museum. It was a massive replica of Michelangelo’s David. The David seems out of place but is actually standing in front of the 21c Museum Hotel.

a plaque with images of people and text

A bit further along was a small plaque dedicated to the women that wrote the song Happy Birthday To You, now one of the three most popular songs in the English language. (Look what I learned from reading the plaque.)

a red truck parked outside of a building
Our last stop was to check out a humongous bat hanging from the side of a building. The bat is hanging from Caulfield’s Novelty Store, a store that has been around over 90 years. After taking a few pictures of the bat we stopped in to the store. It had lots of neat things- costumes, decorations, gag items, you get the idea.
This is just a recap of the things we did during our first day of this trip. I plan to write (in more detail) about some of these things again in the future.
Stay tuned and keep checking back!

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