Stupid News: Sleeping Woman Flies Round Trip- 18 Hours

A Frenchwoman flying from Pakistan to France was in such a deep sleep that she ended up taking a round trip back to Pakistan. She was flying from Lahore to Paris.

The woman failed to wake up when the flight arrived in Paris and did not mention her mistake to the cabin crew when she was on the way back to where she began. Her mistake was discovered by immigration officials when she arrived back in Lahore after her 18 hour, 7,700 mile trip.
It’s pretty amazing that the ground crew in Paris didn’t notice a sleeping woman on the plane during the two hour stopover. I’d also expect the flight attendants (if there are any) to notice a passenger on an empty plane prior to boarding. PIA is investigating the incident and the French subcontractor responsible for passengers in Paris.
An airline spokesman said that they are questioning the French subcontractor firm but that it is also the passengers responsibility to disembark when arriving at their destination. The airline later arranged for the woman to get back to Paris on a different airline as none of their own flights were available.
The investigation will determine who was at fault for this mistake. The airline said that if the local firm was at fault, then they will pay for the extra flight. If the woman was at fault then she will pay.

2 thoughts on “Stupid News: Sleeping Woman Flies Round Trip- 18 Hours

  1. If you’ve ever flown in the third world, this isn’t hard to believe. The procedures vary greatly when outside of the US. But, it’s still amazing that she didn’t ask any of the crew. She must have been quite tired.

  2. I’ve flown many “third world” airlines (some where your boarding pass is a small wood paddle) and can not agree with you. Once the plane lands at it’s final destination, somebody should notice a sleeping passenger still on the plane. I don’t care how crappy the airline is!

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